the presence of
moving light
emanating from passing vehicular transportation
in a darkened room


Technically the piece was meant to bridge the divide between the cheap disposable consumer technology and the forward edge of what can be done in filmmaking. Entirely shot with a 300 dollar digital still camera and edited on a laptop computer, the final format is in High Definition Video and gives it a unique look to the images.

This is a film that embraces the future of filmmaking techniques but in the service of making the most personal of films. automobilux embodies a new direction for personal artistic filmmaking.

This is sort of film there need to be more of. Film as poetry, film as art, film as essay; these sorts of personal films have never been easier or more possible to make than now.

The film making process needs to be taken away from the zombies of hollywood and the undead of television. Films need to be seen in new places and the act of film making needs to become more like dialogue and less like diatribe.

automobilux is one attempt to start that conversation.


The beautiful music is by Bowery Electric.

Most of it from the album Beat


more information can be found at



The film is by Garret Linn


or email automobilux [ ATSIGN ]


That took a while, after many stops and starts the film is finished and locked. It was finished in early 2007. As few people seem to be interested in it I have bitten the bullet and placed a lowrez copy on the web site, for those who find it enjoy! The file is 813MB and is an iPod and iPhone ready m4v file.

So the title. It came from a long conversation with a friend of mine, Ben Speth. A filmmaker and excellent camera man. We in some lightly drunken stupor got to talking about the the lights on a wall. It may have been his or my house but more likely a bar filled with beer and scotch. As it was a car outside that passed and the well focused headlights cast a clear hard light against a facing wall from the windows. The lights drifted and defined the room's dark regions. I remarked: The form of the passing lights, and how attached they were to my childhood and the room I spent many years in as a small child. My Plato's cave. A beauty that was passing and extremely hard to photograph. He nodded and said "Automobilux". He then explained (bragged - as only friends can to each other) of a night in a hotel with a German girl in Hong Kong. As they lay in a dark cheap hotel they watched the lights from the cars below the window pass across the celling. She asked in broken english what they were. "Automobilux" Ben invented the word and gave it to a girl he never saw again. Years later he shared it with me and it gave name to a thing that I had watched since I was five. All of a sudden a lifetime of moments in dark rooms tied together with a name. They are intimate, sitting in hotels, apartments,and the houses of girlfriends. These in between passages of time when the walls begin to crawl with lights. Thus the name of the movie. Images of forgotten movement that all link together.

So it's a new year.
I still have to finish the last remix for the film. I have reinstalled the M-Audio firewire box and acquired the 5.1 audio system. And it looks like it will happen. The audio system is a Logitech z5500. Seems quite good - the sub woofer as a separate thing is as always boomy, and like the experts keep saying the problem is bass management; they seem to be right. But for no budget film these seem to be the best thing going at the moment. I will mix to a four channel mix and hope that can be encoded to 5.1 without much trouble.

so the web site seems to be working
and the last bits are in place
I will add some flash video soon
Bowery Electric seems fine with the use of the music
but didn't take the bait for a remix
so i will move forward with the final mix myself
the current plan is to remix in to quadtraphonic
with an eye to produce a 5.1 for dvd
so far the reaction is "beautiful images" but that's it
there is always hope for European screenings
but nothing now will happen till 06

this is the first stab at the web site
seems ok
new softs seem fine
now I wait to hear from Bowery Electric
and look for a nyc venue to show in

automobilux is a film about travel and memory.

An abstract narrative expressed in the images of travel. The highways, the roads, the landscapes, and the changing sky. The narrative is presented as an interior monologue made from the fragments of memories written on the screen. Almost devoid of people, it is the floating eye of the camera that becomes the central character of the movie.

Created over the course of a year of traveling with no crew and no script. The inspiration was to create a piece about the disposable moments of life, the visual sub-memories that become only the background for what we actively remember. Like the eye, we don't perceive the motion of our visual system as it flits from one object to the next, our brain filters out the rapid motion between points. automobilux began as a collection of these images of forgotten motion.

While the film functions using many of the tropes and techniques of commercial feature length movies. It was created with the idea that it would be presented as a loop - as an environment, and does have a sculptural component; a small bright orange (12 x 12 x 8 inch) custom built fiberglass flight case that contains a small customized computer that functions as a playback unit for the film. As an installation it allows the viewer to actively choose how far they travel and become lost in the narrative.

Ultimately the film functions equally well as installation or as a 'straight movie' viewed in a more traditional theatrical manner. What does become interesting is how the viewers' perception of the film changes depending on the method of presentation. When seen in installation the film becomes a deeply visual experience, evoking landscape painting and the early history of photography.

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